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Ideas for holidays, weekends and trips in Châteauroux and its surroundings

Chateauroux is the capital of the Indre département in the beautiful Centre region, and the sights, smells and sounds of this charming town are only a short distance from your Premiere Classe Chateauroux- Saint Maur Hotel. The Chateauroux Forest and Brenne National Park lie just 20km to the west of the hotel, and as well as being places of breath-taking natural beauty, they also include a nature trail and an area for sports. Chateauroux is definitely the place to visit if you want to get back to nature! The Saint-Maur park is also only 9km from the hotel, and is a great way of seeing the beauty of the commune of Saint-Maur. Other places to visit include the Bertrand Museum, which is named after General Bertrand who served in Napoleon's army. This is 5km from the hotel, and in it you will discover a stunning collection of Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 15th- 17th centuries, as well as many Napoleonic artefacts and a general history of Chateauroux and the surrounding area. The Maison Berry is another great place for local history and culture, and in here you can see a variety of traditional arts, tools and costumes. Visits are free but by appointment only. The 13th-century Franciscan convent is also not to be missed, as it is a fantastic example of the architecture of the era

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